Rapid Recruiting is a leading South African recruitment agency specializing in Executive, Specialist skill Appointments and Headhunting services across a wide range of commerce and industry sectors.

Our focus as an agency is finding the right opportunity for our candidates.

We can save you time, worry and money. Most importantly, we remove the risk of running a business that lacks the talented staff to make it succeed.

It is our mission to support our clients through their current and future business challenges. Our activities, aimed at finding a balance in the labour market, serve to give our clients significance, which will support their business development via the growth of employment or improvement in the quality of their human resources.
We understand recruitment as a mission, with the individual as the most important element in the process. Therefore, we created a team that is fully committed to creating just such a vision as the common good. We believe that caring about the development and the good of an employee also serves to develop your company. We understand success as client satisfaction and long-term cooperation.

The Team

Rapid Recruiting has been operational for 6 years –

As a Certified B-BBEE Level 1 service provider, with 100% Black Female Ownership. Rapid Recruiting is a recruitment and employment agency based in Durban South Africa. Our team offers high quality services to provide the best outcomes in the recruitment and employment of personnel from a diverse set of business sectors.

Rapid Recruiting is a team of experts with many years’ experience in the comprehensive support of companies, institutions and other units in the public and private sector in the area of selection and recruitment of qualified personnel. We guarantee a full outsourcing service for the entire recruitment process as well as support in recruitment and selection of candidates for employment.